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The most complete visual tour of all 61 US National Parks in a coffee-table book, with location notes for each photograph.

Second Edition (Aug 2019):
61 national parks, 25+ years, 480 pages, 500+ photographs, 135,000+ words, 62 maps, 12x10 inches. 7.8 lbs.

Discover the diversity of the national parks.

Visualize what each park has to offer.

Learn what makes each park unique.

Plan to visit the locations pictured.

Find out how the photographs were made.

“It is not as if our exquisite National Parks need any help in the beauty department, but Luong's revelatory photographs suggest that our ordinary equipment for seeing is missing something. Luong offers us a leg up to a new way of understanding Nature's greatest gifts.”

Ken Burns, director and co-producer of The National Parks: America's Best Idea

Winner of the Independent Publisher "IPPY" Award for Best Coffee-Table Book of 2016.
Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Arts/Photography Book of 2016.
2016 Nautilus Award Winner, Silver in category Photography/Art.
Winner of the National Indie Excellence Awards for Best Photography Book of 2016.
Winner of the PubWest Design Awards 2017 for Best Photography Book.
Foreword INDIES Book of the Year 2016: Nature Gold Winner, Travel Silver Winner.

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QT Luong has updated and expanded his national parks book by adding 24 more pages, 28 new locations, and revising all the maps. Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America's National Parks pays tribute to the millions of acres of protected wilderness and historical heritage in all our country's 61 national parks, including the two designated since the award-winning first edition was published in 2016 and became an instant classic.

Luong, who is featured in Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan's documentary The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, is the most prolific and versatile photographer working in the national parks today and the only one to have made large-format photographs in each of America’s 61 parks. In an odyssey that spanned more than a quarter centery and 300 visits, Luong ventured through each park with cameras at the ready, capturing the majesty and unique beauty of the nation’s preserved habitats. From canyons and deserts to glaciers and reefs, the photographer focused his lenses on spectacular iconic landscapes and rarely seen remote spots, presenting his journey in this sumptuous gallery of more than 500 breathtaking images that are so sharp and have so much detail, they are the next best thing to being there.

Accompanying this collection of scenic masterpieces is a comprehensive guide that includes a map for each park that indicates where the images were shot, as well as extended captions that detail the images’ orientations and lighting, along with pertinent facts on the parks’ geography and natural history. Designed to inspire outdoor adventurers to visit the parks and invite photographers to re-create these landscapes through their own lenses, the guide also provides anecdotal observations that give context to the pictures and convey the sheer scope of Luong’s extraordinary odyssey. The guide is also available as a PDF formatted for use on mobile devices, and owners of the books are offered the option to download it for a nominal fee.

Including an introduction by award-winning author and documentary filmmaker Dayton Duncan, Treasured Lands is a rich visual tour of the US National Parks and an invaluable guide from a photographer who hiked (and sometimes paddled, dived, skied, snowshoed, or climbed) each park, shooting in all kinds of terrain, through all seasons, and at all times of day and night. QT Luong’s timeless gallery of the nation’s most revered landscapes beckons to nature lovers, armchair travelers, and photography enthusiasts alike, keeping America’s natural wonders ever within reach.

1st edition, published by Cameron+Company, October 2016.
2nd edition, published by Terra Galleria Press, August 2019.

Download foreword and introduction (PDF)

Editorial Reviews (1st Edition)

“[A] geyser of commemorative books has burst onto the market to coincide with the U.S. National Park Service's 100th anniversary, and this is the best of them all . . . If you're a fan of our National Parks and want the best book about them yet to be published, I recommend you beat a path to your bookstore and buy it.”

“The centennial of the National Park Service has been the occasion of [...] many books. The most glorious of these is Treasured Lands . . . No one has captured the vast beauty of America’s landscape as comprehensively . . . In his extensive captions, Luong comes through as a generous, thoughtful guide”

Dominique Browning, The New York Times

“A unique treat . . . Luong’s shots are so luminous that you’ll likely be booking a trip soon.”

Alice Cary, BookPage

“An inherently fascinating and consistently compelling volume of superbly produced and presented images. This is one of those rare photographic collections that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book itself is finished and set back upon the shelf.”

James Cox, Midwest Book Review

“Treasured Lands is the single-most monumental literary achievement during a year that brimmed with words and pictures dedicated to the centennial of the National Park Service . . . To be sure, it is a visual feast. But it’s much more than that, because of its geographic completeness and the attention to detail that only someone who has lived and breathed the parks for a long time could provide . . . Luong’s work stands out on the crowded shelves of national park tomes because of the generosity not just of his vision but of his accumulated wisdom.”

Glenn Nelson, High Country News

“Treasured Lands is a book that celebrates the National Park Service centennial, but it goes much beyond that anniversary. It captures the 59 "national parks" in their various moods in all seasons of the year, and is certain to lead you to add mightily to your to-do list in the parks.”

Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler

“The book not only serves as a marvelous example of what this talented photographer has accomplished after many years exploring some of the most beautiful places in America, but it also acts as a guide for his fellow photographers who may want to travel to the parks too. It's a must-have for fans of landscape photography in particular and lovers of the National Parks in general.”

William Sawalich, Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Praise for Treasured Lands

Treasured Lands is a masterwork, showcasing the wonders of our National Parks, along with the incisive and artistic vision of photographer QT Luong. He demonstrates consummate versatility in capturing extraordinary and meaningful images from all 59 Parks. The book also contains valuable information for photographers on how each image was made. This a book that I will savor again and again.”

Charles Cramer, photographer of Yosemite

“In Treasured Lands, Luong shares with us something vastly more than his vision, which is beautiful and uncontrived, and his knowledge, which is considerable; he shares with us hope. Hope that the vast land of America remains wild at heart despite our best efforts to tame it."

David Duchemin, author of Within the Frame, founder of Craft & Vision

Treasured Lands represents an act of commitment, hard work and love for “America’s best idea.” Images recording 59 National Parks illustrate the biological and geographic diversity that defines our national treasures. QT Luong’s images offer an honest and faithful portrait of the land, without the glitz and gonzo colors so prevalent in today's photography. This is a fine collection of images."

Jack Dykinga, author of A Photographer's Life: A Journey from Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photojournalist to Celebrated Nature Photographer

“QT Luong's Treasured Lands is the book I would have loved to have when I was dreaming of visiting America's National Parks. Part travel guide and part inspirational photographic opus, it is a complete, yet concise resource to all the parks. I'm enthusiastically recommending Treasured Lands, a seminal and immensely useful book backed by years of research.”

Laurent Martres, author of Photographing the Southwest, publisher of PhotoTripUSA guides

“QT Luong's Treasured Lands book is a revelation. QT’s artistic and encyclopedic collection of photographs stuns and enlightens the viewer with each image’s wondrous light, geology, flora, and fauna. His epic journey allows us to breathe in the diverse delights of each and every national park through his meticulously crafted photographs. America’s national parks are justly famous for their beautiful landscapes, for the brilliant concept of preserving them for future generations, and Treasured Lands provides the ultimate guide for travelers and photography lovers who cherish them.”

William Neill, photographer, author of Landscapes of the Spirit

Treasured Lands is the culmination of a multi-decade effort that showcases the national parks in all their natural splendor and diversity. The work serves as a memorable statement of the importance and value of protecting the parks and an inspiring invitation to those who have yet to fulfill their curiosity and discover all the remarkable wonders that can only be found in these special places.”

Will Shafroth, president, National Park Foundation

“More than a testament to the beauty of the National Parks, this book is also the life work of a devoted and inspired photographer. QT's images portray not only wonders of land and life, but also express his great reverence and love for the Parks in exquisite compositions, great attention to light, and uncompromising technical excellence. I can think of no better introduction to the Parks and to the great value they possess for the human spirit than seeing them through the eyes of a dedicated naturalist and photographic artist.”

Guy Tal, author of More Than a Rock: Essays on Art, Creativity, Photography, Nature, and Life

“QT Luong’s National Park images represent a new generation’s artful and at times wonderfully different view of our most sacred and beautiful lands. Reseeing the National Parks is a herculean task, but Luong has come through with new ideas, and new ways of portraying and communicating the light and the magic.”

Tom Till, photographer, author of Photographing the World

Readers Reviews

“As someone who loves the National Parks, and loves photography, I find this book stunning and inspiring. Easily the best National Park photography book that I've seen (and I've seen quite a few)."

Ian Alexander full review

“Awesome photographs of the national parks. Not only is the technical quality of the photos top notch but, even more important to me, the photographer did not simply re-photograph the "iconic" views that appear in virtually every other book on the parks. He saw the parks with a fresh eye and presents his own unique visual experiences of the parks.”

J. Bullard

“This is, hands down, the best photographic essay on the 59 National Parks. I have many others in my library (many very good) and have visited all 59 parks . . . This is so much more than a coffee table book.”

Joe Eulberg full review

“I have more than a dozen photography books that focus on America's National Parks, and this book is far and away the best photography book ever published about America's National Parks . . . I can't believe the price was only $40. I would have paid triple the price to add this book to my collection.”

Chris T. Van Marter full review

“The title doesn't oversell this body of work - it is truly an odyssey, an impressive undertaking that likely no one else will ever replicate. . . As someone who has been viewing landscape photography on a daily basis for years, as that is what I do professionally, I do not tire of looking through this book - and it provides me with fresh inspiration every time I peruse it.”

Alexander P. Noriega (alexnoriega.com) full review

“This is my favorite book of national park photography, out of over 100 books I've bought in the last 30+ years of exploring our national parks. I bought this bought when it first came out, and have studied QT Luong's gorgeous photos and wonderful narrative very carefully, and taken the time to compare his photos with those of my other favorite nature photographers including Galen Rowell, David Muench, Joseph Holmes, Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, Eliot Porter, Jack Dykinga, and of course Ansel Adams -- QT Luong's photos equal and frequently surpass the most stunning photos of these other great photographers. But QT's book goes well beyond these other photographers by explaining how you can walk the same trails that he took -- so you can experience these wonderful locations up "close and personal" with your family and friends, and take your own pictures."

Peter Raulerson full review

“A masterpiece for sure!"

Rick Sammon (ricksammon.com)

“Having printed numerous photo books myself, I was greatly impressed by the heavy-weight paper and the gorgeous print job . . . This is truly a masterpiece, worthy of the 100th anniversary of the national park system. It is so affordably priced for what you are getting that everyone who loves the national parks should buy a copy.”

Erik Stensland (imagesofrmnp.com) full review

See more than 150 reviews for the 1st edition on Amazon (average 4.9/5, 96% 5-star) where Treasured Lands has been a #1 best-seller in all its categories.

The Author

QT Luong in Kings Canyon National Park

QT Luong is a full-time freelance photographer. Born to Vietnamese parents in Paris, France, he was trained as a scientist (PhD U. Paris). The revelation of the high Alps led him to become a mountain climber. When he came to the US to conduct research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing for what was to be a short stay, he chose UC Berkeley, because of the proximity to Yosemite--a world class rock climbing destination.

There, he fell in love with the National Parks and decided to photograph all of them with a 5x7 large format camera, a single-handed, self-financed, monumental project that had not been completed by anyone before. To that effect, he settled in the San Francisco Bay Area and started crisscrossing this country to capture its diverse beauty. QT's in-depth coverage of the Parks often dictated long hikes into the backcountry, with a 75 lb backpack, and only his passion and dedication to keep him company. By 2002, he had visited each of the 58 National Parks. In 2009, Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan featured him as one of the few living characters in their film The National Parks: America's Best Idea.

QT Luong has been profiled in newspapers (New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle) and magazines (National Geographic Explorer, Outdoor Photographer, Parks). His photographs, which are the subject of three previous books, have appeared in Time, Life, Outside, Scientific American, GEO, numerous National Geographic publications, and hundreds of others worldwide. Luong’s limited-edition prints are widely collected, and his on-going traveling exhibition of large prints from all the national parks has shown in museums and galleries nationwide and abroad. He lives in San Jose, California, with his wife and two children. For more of his work, visit terragalleria.com

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